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Acne Intensive formula set

AIF is rich in active ingredients of natural origin that act on pathogenic factors in the development of acne:

  • controls increased secretion of sebaceous glands,
  • it has a strong antiseptic effect,
  • uccessfully solves the problem of inflammatory acne (pimples).

32,34 USD
21,02 USD

Inspired by science, Dermix is a synonym for beautiful and healthy skin!

Dermix Medical Care

Dermix Medical Care collection offers solutions to the problems of pimples, acne, oily skin, pain, varicose veins, tired and swollen legs, hemorrhoids.

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Dermix Skin Care

Dermix Skin Care collection is used for skin care, regeneration and protection. The preparations provide moisture to the skin and slow down aging.

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Handmade soap for hand, face and body hygiene. Natural raw materials and patient production are recommendations for everyday use.

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Natural cosmetics

We took the best of nature and, according to the traditional recipe, turned it into products that will have a beneficial effect on your skin.

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