Handmade soap for hand, face and body hygiene. Natural raw materials and patient production are recommendations for everyday use.

Dermix hypoallergenic soap for sensitive skin

Advantages of Dermix soap for sensitive skin:

  • thoroughly but gently cleans,
  • colorless and odorless,
  • suitable for babies.
2,29 USD

Dermix anti-cellulite soap

By using Dermix anti-cellulite soap regularly, you ensure:

  • gentle skin peeling,
  • hydrated and taut skin,
  • elimination of cellulite.
4,12 USD

Dermix soap with activated charcoal

Dermix soap with activated charcoal:

  • absorbs excess sebum,
  • performs a gentle peeling,
  • helps eliminate pimples.
3,21 USD

Dermix soap with kaolin clay

Dermix soap with kaolin clay is great for:

  • skin cleansing and detoxification,
  • has soothing properties,
  • does not dry out or irritate.

3,21 USD