Frequently asked questions

Everything you asked and wanted to know about Dermix products, we answered in one place!

Do Dermix products contain parabens and additives?

NO. The stability of products is provided by improved technology and use of plant origin ingredients. 


Can it be used for eye area?

Yes, it can. The perfect combination of moisturizing ingredients gives the optimum hydration to the eye area, since it doesn’t include perfumes, but optimal blend of essential oils instead.

Does it mattify the skin?

Yes, since it contains jojoba oil and karite (shea) butter that deeply moisturize the skin without greasing it. 

Can it be used for oily skin?

Yes, because jojoba oil calms the skin. It combines with sebum due to the great affinity for the skin. It has an anti-inflammatory effect that will prevent small skin irritations. Its non-comedogenic texture enables balance of the oily skin metabolism.

Does it affect the skin tone? 

Yes, it increases skin tone.

Does it reduce the visibility of existing wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones?

Yes, the cream has anti-age effect, it reduces fine wrinkles and improves the skin tone.

Can it be used as a makeup base?

Yes, it’s excellent base for makeup.

Does it have UVA and UVB protection?

The cream protects the skin against UVB rays. SPF 15 is sufficient for city conditions. It can be combined with adequate higher protection factor in extreme conditions of sun exposure.

Does it contain retinol in its composition?

No! It’s scientifically proven that retinol loses its anti-age effect on the skin after 35th year of life. This occurs because specific enzyme complex, which turns retinol into its active form, is no longer working.  

Does Hydrator contain hyaluronic acid?

No! Research studies confirmed that hyaluronic acid (as well as low molecular collagen) in products for local application doesn’t have anti age effect. 

The effect of hydration doesn’t exceed glycerin!

Is there an age limit for the use of Hydrator?

No, Hydrator can be used for skin care in all age categories.

What kind of technology has been used in production of Hydrator?

Ultra-micro production technology allows active ingredients to act on dermis level. Nanotechnology hasn’t been used due to the fact that optimal size of effective particles is not determined yet.

What is the effect of Xanthine complex?

Xanthine complex is an original ester combination of 1, 3, 7 trimethylxanthine of natural origin (green tea, coffee, cocoa) and L-lactic (fruit) acid. In our Hydrator, combined with natural tocopherols (vitamin E-alpha), it acts as a powerful antioxidant, slowing down skin aging process and diminishing the appearance of fine wrinkles. It has positive effect on blood and lymph circulation in the eye area thus, reduces dark circles and fatigue signs on the face. 

It contributes to apoptosis (programmed death of the cells affected by harmful UV rays) and indirectly accelerates collagen neogenesis (regeneration of the supporting layer of dermis).

Can it be used during pregnancy?

Yes, because it contains the ingredients of plant origin that have a beneficial effect on the skin. According to research studies, retinol isn’t recommendable for pregnant women and women in the reproductive age due to the possibility of fetus defects, even after local application.

Can it be used for skin prone to eczema?

Yes, because it contributes to the regeneration of hydrolipidic film and has an indirect immune-modulatory effect that prevents the appearance of eczema. 

Can it be used for sensitive skin?

Yes, because the active plant-origin ingredients have a beneficiary effect on the skin, making it smooth and deeply hydrated.


Does it contain soaps?

No, it doesn’t contain any soaps in its composition, but a gentle syndet bar instead, that brings no damage to the hydro-lipid layer of the skin.

Is it safe for persons with rosacea?

Yes, because it contains mild ingredients that efficiently remove makeup from the surface of the skin, causing no irritations.

Does it contain perfumes?

No, it doesn’t contain any perfumes, but a cocktail of natural essential oils instead, which doesn’t lead to photo-sensibility (hypersensitive reaction to the sun).


Can it be used during exposure to the sun?

Yes, because it contains aromatic beta hydroxy acids that acts as natural sun protection factor when applied.

Does the lotion reduce pores?

Yes. The mixture of alpha hydroxy (L-lactic) and aromatic beta hydroxy acids, combined with essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary and other natural aromatic oils, provides opening, deep cleansing and closing of pores. 


Does it leave a greasy trace on the skin?

The Balm is easy to apply and quickly absorbed by the skin. It doesn’t make it greasy, therefore you can get dressed immediately after applying it.

Body Balm provides intense skin hydration up to 24h!

It contains vitamin E of natural origin in the optimum antioxidant concentration.


Is the cream waterproof?

YES! The unique combination of organic magnesium and glycerol provides deep and long-lasting hydration penetrating through the dermis. Therefore, it minimizes side effects of irritating substances (detergents etc.) on the skin. Dexpanthenol is built into the matrix of nail plates which ensures their growth and flawless look.

Does the Hand and Nail Cream leave greasy traces?

It leaves no greasy traces. It forms a long-lasting epidermal film on the surface of the skin, making it soft and moisturized, but not greasy.