Dermix Skin Care

Dermix Skin Care collection is used for skin care, regeneration and protection. The preparations provide moisture to the skin and slow down aging.

Dermix Face Lotion

Regular application of Dermix Face Lotion leads to:

  • deep pore cleansing,
  • improving skin tone and
  • removal of comedones.
9,98 USD
7,49 USD

Dermix Makeup Remover

Using Dermix Makeup remover ensures:

  • thorough removal of make-up from the skin,
  • removal and waterproof makeup
  • clean and delicate skin after cleansing.
9,98 USD
7,49 USD

Dermix AntiAge Hydrator

By using Dermix AntiAge Hydrator, you provide your skin with:

  • all-day hydration,
  • stimulation of natural regeneration
  • without additional lubrication.

20,97 USD
15,73 USD

Dermix Body Balm

The use of Dermix Body Balma provides the skin of the body:

  • long-term hydration,
  • rapid absorption,
  • does not grease and does not stick to the skin.
11,81 USD
8,86 USD