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Hemorodol cream

Hemorodol cream effectively eliminates the problems caused by external and / or internal hemorrhoids:

  • reduces swelling and itching
  • slightly cool and
  • slows inflammation.

8,05 USD

VeneFit cream-gel

Regular use of VeneFit leads to:

  • slowing down inflammatory processes
  • improving moisture and skin tone
  • eliminating the feeling of heaviness in the legs.
12,98 USD

Dermix Face Lotion

Regular application of Dermix Face Lotion leads to:

  • deep pore cleansing,
  • improving skin tone and
  • removal of comedones.
9,96 USD
7,47 USD

Dermix Makeup Remover

Using Dermix Makeup remover ensures:

  • thorough removal of make-up from the skin,
  • removal and waterproof makeup
  • clean and delicate skin after cleansing.
9,96 USD
7,47 USD