Hemorodol cream

Hemorodol cream

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Hemorodol cream effectively eliminates the problems caused by external and / or internal hemorrhoids:

  • reduces swelling and itching
  • slightly cool and
  • slows inflammation.

Product description

HEMORODOL efficiently removes the pain caused by internal or external hemorrhoids - varicose veins at the end of the colon (outside or inside part).

The complex of active ingredients of plant origin slows the inflammatory process at the level of the endothelium of veins in the hemorrhoid plexus. Hence it reduces pains and microbial flora in the problematic region.

Additional information

Weight 20 grams

Proper use

Apply a small amount of the cream over the painful region with your hand or by the applicator in case of internal hemorrhoids, 2 to 3 times a day. For internal use, put the applicator on the instead of the cap.

In order to prevent the appearance of hemorrhoids it is IMPORTANT to take enough liquids, whole grains and at least half a kilo fruits and vegetables every day to allow regular bowel control; physical activities such as walking at least for a half an hour a day can make a good effect as well. Washing with warm water and soap after every intestine discharge is also necessary.

If product gets into contact with the mucous membranes of the eye, nose or genitals, rinse with cold water.

The product contains active ingredients of plant and mineral origin.

In case of intestine bleeding it is necessary to consult a doctor!


Aqua, Cetearyl Alcochol, Cetyl Alcochol, Sodium Cetylsulfate, Zinc Oxyde, Petrolatum, Liquid Paraffin, Aesculus Hyppocastanum Extr., Arnica Montana Fluidextr., Hammamelis Virginiana Fluidextr., Propylene Glycol, Allantoinum, Sodium Benzoate, Camphor., Menthol., Geraniolum, Fragrance. 


Yes. The product contains active ingredients of plant and mineral origin, so it is safe to use Hemorodol during pregnancy and nursing.
These are normal and expected reactions, which are transient in nature.
Recommended use is 2-3 times a day and always after bowel emptying.
No side effects have been reported after prolonged use of Hemorodol cream.
Of course, there is no age limit for the use of Hemorodol.

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