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Dermix AntiAge Hydrator

By using Dermix AntiAge Hydrator, you provide your skin with:

  • all-day hydration,
  • stimulation of natural regeneration
  • without additional lubrication.

21,22 USD
15,92 USD

Dermix Body Balm

The use of Dermix Body Balma provides the skin of the body:

  • long-term hydration,
  • rapid absorption,
  • does not grease and does not stick to the skin.
11,95 USD
8,97 USD

Dermix Hand&nail cream

Dermix Hand & nail cream provides your skin with:

  • intensive hydration
  • nail plate regeneration
  • soft and delicate skin of hands.
5,10 USD
3,82 USD

Dermix hypoallergenic soap for sensitive skin

Advantages of Dermix soap for sensitive skin:

  • thoroughly but gently cleans,
  • colorless and odorless,
  • suitable for babies.
2,32 USD