About us

Inspired by science, Dermix is ​​synonymous with beautiful and healthy skin!

The company K.B.F.M. d.o.o. for more than 15 years it has been engaged in the production of preparations for daily skin care of the face and body, as well as a group of products that belong to medical aids.

All our products are created in accordance with the latest achievements and basic principles of scientific dermatology. The products are classified into four collections Dermix Medical Care, Dermix Skin Care, Handmade Soaps and Natural Cosmetics. Dermix recipes are the result of scientific work and many years of experience of the renowned Prof. Dr. M. Milojevic and the scientific type of our company. The expertise of this team in the field of cosmetic technology and their commitment to preserving healthy and beautiful skin are a guarantee of high quality and ideal synergy of ingredients in Dermix preparations.

The efficiency of formulas and a large number of satisfied users are the best indicators of lasting trust in our products. Choose the best for your skin.